Some years ago around this time, I met a 17-year-old kid after playing a pick up game of basketball together. He and I wandered all over the city talking all night and we quickly became friends. I think we both needed each other’s company at that moment. He would always tell me I had this darkness surrounding me. I said I felt it from him too but he said no, this was different. He then told me a story that I still remember. He said when his dog passed away, he buried all his memories with it and when he saw another dog he couldn’t even look at it until one day he couldn’t bear it and cried. He went home and dug up all the photos of his dog and remembered all the good times they had together. The next time he saw another dog he was sad but he could smile through the pain knowing that what they shared was a beautiful moment. He looked at me and told me, you need to revisit and remember all your pain. I never really knew what that meant until after we drifted apart but it might be the best advice I’ve ever received.