test shoot

Triple Vanity

If you know me, I have a thing for mirrors and reflections. I love the play on duality and the way it elucidates angles that we cannot see ourselves. For this shoot, I thought, why not instead of one mirror or two mirrors, add a third one!

Something about this set, hair/makeup and flash bouncing off the mirror reminded me of those old school Hollywood photographs of movie stars. So that’s what I went for — except I wanted a modern twist so I opted for cool tones and a pop of neon. If you zoom in, you’ll actually notice that the model’s earring is a red lip that matches hers. I love the little details and how they play off of the mood to create something more funky, unique and modern.

For this set, I used the Profoto A1 flash with a silver umbrella. The mirrors reflected the light back and illuminated the model’s face so I didn’t feel like I needed any other lights. However, I did have to retouch some clutter in the reflections but that was pretty simple; since the background is black, I brushed all the mess in with black. The strobe lighting in the back is both done in-camera and enhanced in photoshop using the lens flare tool. I went for the “Movie Prime” selection to reflect back on the old school movie theme.

This is one of my favorite photographs of 2018. I also think the crisp lighting and dramatic makeup could also pass as a Tom Ford or NARS beauty campaign!


Model - @GraceCotton
MUA - @Noparast.MUA
Styling/Creative Direction/Photo - @TheMusingEye

Le Rendez Vous

Time and time again, I learn that the best moments in life are the unplanned ones — like this photoshoot. The night before, my makeup artist, Rebecca (@noparast.mua) and I decided to do a test shoot with model Grace Cotton (@gracecotton) with no plan or mood board. We were too burnt out to think of anything creative and decided to see if the god of impulse would be in our favor.

When everyone arrived the next day, we were inspired by a gold, sparkly net fabric I had lying around. Since the holidays were right around the corner, we decide to go for some glam. We started off with a classic portrait lighting and a blue backdrop but it was just too over-the-top with the curled hair and glitter make-up. The set needed to be deconstructed.

Immediately, I put this velvet orange/rust fabric on the floor and had Grace lay down. Slowly, we undid some things and it felt much more natural. I styled some Maison Close jeweled gloves with dainty gold chains on her and everything began to come together.

I shot through the gold net fabric which gave the images a diffused glowy lighting. Similar to the previous shoot, I bounced my Profoto A1 flash onto a gold reflector, to achieve a golden light. Femme fatale with a warm twist. Mmmm…it’s like she came back to her hotel room after a rendezvous with her lover…

Model - @gracecotton
MUA - @noparast.mua
Photo & Styling - @themusingeye

Profoto A1 Test Shoot

We started off this shoot intending to do a modern twist on a classic Vogue cover: think British hats, fishnets, red lips and gloves — but — we ended up with something completely different (and much more interesting, in my opinion!). That’s the beauty of test shoots. You get to play around, get creative and find something that really works.

For this shoot, I only used one Profoto A1 flash with a medium silver reflector umbrella. If you are on a budget, a flash + umbrella duo is great for creating some moody portraits. For the one gold photo, I bounced the flash off a gold reflector and put a low shutter speed to create some really awesome blurs. I’m all about creating in-camera effects rather than using photoshop. So much more satisfactory.

For the pearls & diamonds, I really went for the low lighting so that the pieces would really pop when the light caught their reflections. I LOVE how they came out. Clean yet edgy and different. That’s what I’m all about.

Model - @Cris_Wrnr / JAG
MUA - @RaniasMakeup
Hats - @HarlemsHeavenHats