Profoto A1 Test Shoot

We started off this shoot intending to do a modern twist on a classic Vogue cover: think British hats, fishnets, red lips and gloves — but — we ended up with something completely different (and much more interesting, in my opinion!). That’s the beauty of test shoots. You get to play around, get creative and find something that really works.

For this shoot, I only used one Profoto A1 flash with a medium silver reflector umbrella. If you are on a budget, a flash + umbrella duo is great for creating some moody portraits. For the one gold photo, I bounced the flash off a gold reflector and put a low shutter speed to create some really awesome blurs. I’m all about creating in-camera effects rather than using photoshop. So much more satisfactory.

For the pearls & diamonds, I really went for the low lighting so that the pieces would really pop when the light caught their reflections. I LOVE how they came out. Clean yet edgy and different. That’s what I’m all about.

Model - @Cris_Wrnr / JAG
MUA - @RaniasMakeup
Hats - @HarlemsHeavenHats